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Double spike 4" orchids in a simple cachepot

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Care Instructions

No green thumb required! I know I know, orchids get a bad wrap for being difficult. However, I've found them to be one of the simplest plants to care for.
Simply place her in a room with bright indirect sunlight. She prefers a small amount of water and hates it when her roots are standing in water. She will thrive in a humid environment. And when her blooms have all fallen off, simply cut the stem before the last node to stimulate new growth and buds. This process can take some time, but if you have the patience you'll see new blooms on your orchid plant in 6-12 months.
My secret for having a successful long lasting relationship with your plant babies is to pick one day a week to water. I like to do all of my watering on Sundays when I'm home from work

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