It took 3 decades but we're good at this

It took 3 decades but we're good at this

Let me introduce ourselves. We are Lulu and Darcy and we're your flower people! We're here to celebrate and harness one of nature's greatest gifts to add some color and joy to life. We want the extraordinary to appear effortless. Our passion pushes us to get better at our craft every day. We share that passion with our clients, make them believe we care because we love what we do, and that they can trust us, because our standards are even higher than theirs. We want to be open and honest, we don't hide what we do, we celebrate it because it's what makes us us. We're playful, clever, and optimistic and totally unafraid to be ourselves!

We've been in the wedding industry for over 3 decades and we're pretty good at this. We've seen a lot of trends come and go and come back again. We know from our couples how hard it can be to navigate and to have the perfect balance of timeless, effortless, and a splash trendy. If you're looking for some  beautiful inspiration, trends to avoid, or are just plain suffering from decision fatigue, we're your gals! 

We're using this space to talk about all things weddings, from design, to guest experience, and overall flow and we can't wait to share with you 

We design and create weddings and private events of all types that reflect the unique style of our clients.