What’s Going On

To all the flower lovers out there,

The last couple of weeks have been a roller coaster for us as I'm sure it has been for everyone. When we were hit with the "shelter in place" order, I had no idea how this was going to impact us, other then it wasn't good. I just showed up by myself the next day, to the flower shop, expecting to be cleaning my little heart out, dusting off shelves, bleaching everything, and taking care of the plants. And then the phone rang(my first ray of hope!) and it wasn't a spam call or an automated message, someone wanted to send flowers! To someone that they love, that they couldn't come see. That day I was taking, making and delivering all our orders that came in. I wasn't sure if I was breaking the law, but I knew that I needed to be doing it. I threw a bottle of purell in the van, gloves on my hands, and started making the most beautiful game of "ding dong door ditch". As I would walk back to the van, their door would open and I got to witness their wonderful reaction. It has called me back to my roots when I was just a delivery driver. It's such a great reminder that what we do matters. We are delivering hope, compassion, gratitude, sympathy, love and alllll the feels! 

This Monday I found out that all AG, from wholesalers to retailers, is considered essential! It was the first piece of good news that I've had in a long time and I cried reading it. (I'm not a cryer...I didn't even cry at my own wedding...) Since then we've been operating with a skeleton crew with our door shut to the general public. So many orders have come in this week and I am so grateful! I have found my piece of hope in this shit show of a situation that we've been dealt and I'm pushing on till we get to the other side

With love and gratitude,


Photography by Carlie Statsky