Team Flower

we won we won we won!!! We're headed out to Pasadena to join Team Flower again courtesy of Accent Decor's instagram  give away! It's been a loooooooong time since Lulu and I have been able to escape together for a conference. Usually it's hard for us to be able to take off so much time at the same time. But when we scooped up these 2 tickets we knew we had to make it happen! I'm so excited to be joining all my flower people in Southern California

Last year I got to flex my design muscles for their "Designer of the Year" competition. Playing team sports since I was in elementary school has left an incredibly lasting competitive mark on me! Needles to say I had my game face on and there's plenty of pics of me with some serious RBF ;)  I didn't come home with the main trophy, but by popular vote my bouquet was the peoples choice! 

xo Darcy

Photography by Hannah Haston