Roses Are Red

I always thought that it was a myth that men love the color red. But since my bouncing baby boy came into my life, I've come to realize that it's no joke! Right now he loves everything red from Lightning McQueen, fire trucks, and yes red roses! 

I started thinking a little bit more about why red roses have become such a staple for love. Getting flowers delivered inherently means that someone loves you. But it could be your mom, brother, or best friend sending you a sweet gift. However! When you get a bunch of red roses delivered to your door or office it can only mean one thing! The implied romance tells everyone around you that you've got someone special in your life. So ladies! Get the jump on your man and send him something that lets everyone know he's yours. Click here to order your red roses now, because it's never to early to tell someone you love them!

Photography by Carlie Statsky