New Trend Alert!

Last year we began to work with more plants in our large scale installations! We added them in at the foundation level of the design and we loved the results! Why this works: by using these plants in the foundation, they add volume and lines that are hard to achieve with standard cut bunches. It's like taking foraging to the next extreme! When we use plants, we are leaning on the untamed aesthetic of the branches and flowers to bring movement and a naturalistic/organic feel to our designs. Some of our favorites from last year include honeysuckle, clematis, jasmine, ferns, olive trees, mixed grass plants, and of course succulents! Stay tuned to see how we integrated live plants in a tablescape

xo Darcy

Photography: Michelle Beckwith & Carlie Statsky

Location: Gardener Ranch & Ventana

Planning and Design: E Events Co. & Allison Weddings