Meet Molly!

Meet our favorite little pork chop, Molly Piggy! She's sweet, she's sensitive, and she's got allllllll kinds of personality. Her favorite food is Michael's famous banana pancakes and her second favorite food is everything else. She loves warm hugs and belly rubs. And she makes a great pillow! 

Many people have asked how Molly has come into our lives. She was a resident out at the farm before we moved in. She was a free range piggy, making friends will all of our neighbors up and down the road (and getting extra snacks where ever she could!) When we stumbled across this property, it was love at first sight for Michael! She followed him everywhere and became almost a deal breaker if she wasn't going to be able to stay. She was originally a therapy pig and I can see how that worked for her! Her little twinkling eyes can lift anyones spirits and make you smile. She oozes charisma and can stop cars with just the slightest swish of her tail. I've often seen passers by swinging out their phones to snap a quick pic or video of our girl

It's been a slight lifestyle adjustment for our dog Rio. They're incredibly competitive over food and affection, but I think even he enjoys her company

xo Lulu

Photography by Carlie Statsky