house full of laughter

Recently, my husband and I had some people over to our house for a little dinner party. I had to work the next day so I was planning on calling my night short and I wasn't exactly stoked to not be able to stay up late and play with all of our friends. However, by the end of my night when I put mysefl to bed, I realized something. Our house was full of laughter. Even though I was choosing to sleep, it filled me with joy that we had so many of our friends over and they were having an amazing evening. So much joy, that it carried through to the next day and still sits with my now when I think about it. Bringing people together makes me happy. I think it's one of the reasons that I love weddings so much. Seeing a diverse group of friends and loved ones coming together sharing in the experience, what's not to love?

Planning & Design: @downeystreetevents
Photography @carliestatsky 
Floral design: @seascapeflowers
Rentals @thecopperrosecollection
Venue @holmanranch